Cliché Examples


A cliché is an overused expression that is no longer original. In addition to words being clichéd, actions can also be clichéd-in literature a character can act in a way that is very predictable.

Examples of Cliché:

1. Raining cats and dogs

2. All is well that ends well

3. You can say that again

4. Strong as an ox

5. Better to have loved and lost

6. As hot as Hades

Examples of Clichéd Characters and Actions

1. The wicked witch lets out an evil cackle. (The Wizard of Oz)

2. A dumb blonde fails her driving test because she is more concerned about her appearance than driving. (Clueless)

3. A smart physicist is a nerd who collect comic books. (The Big Bang Theory Series)

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