Cliché Examples


A cliché is an overused expression or overused/predictable way of acting, especially by characters in movies or plays. While the phrase or action may have been original at one time, it has been used so much that it has "become cliché."

Examples of Cliché:

1. You can say that again
2. Raining cats and dogs
3. Only time will tell
4. All's well that ends well
5. Frightened to death
6. Cat got your tongue
7. Fall head over heals
8. Read between the lines
9. Happily ever after
10. The writing on the wall

Characters/Actions that are Cliché

1. Scary Movie has many characters whose actions are examples of cliché, as the entire movie is a parody of horror movies.

2. A smart physicist is a nerd who collect comic books. (The Big Bang Theory Series)

3. The wicked stepmother dislikes the beautiful princess. (Cinderella, Snow White)

4. "Strong, silent-type" male main character with a wise-cracking sidekick (Many John Wayne Movies; Gaston and his small sidekick in Beauty and the Beast)

5. Damsel in distress (many action movies, many Disney movies)

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