Compound Sentences Examples

Compound Sentences

A compound sentence is made up of two or more simple sentences joined with a conjunction. Notice that there are some key characteristics of a compound sentence:

1. It is made up of simple sentences.

2. It is made when simple sentences are joined with a conjunction.

Examples of Compound Sentences:

1. Sarah walked to class, but Kevin ran.

2. I want hamburgers, but Lois wants pizza.

3. The photographer held up a bear, and the little boy smiled.

4. I fell out of the bed, so Mom came to check on me.

5. The dog buried his bone, and the cat sniffed around it.

6. I was late; however, the class had not started.

7. I left my bag on the bus; therefore, I did not have a pencil.

8. Can I go home with you, so we can do our homework together?

9. It was very hot outside, and the ice cream melted.

10. Our team tried hard, but we lost the game.

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