Coordinating Conjunctions Examples

Coordinating Conjunctions

Conjunctions are words that are used to connect words, phrases, and sentences. There are several types of conjunctions, but the most common are coordinating conjunctions.

Coordinating conjunctions can be used to join two words, two phrases, or two sentences. They are also used when listing a series of items-between the last two items in a series.

When coordinating conjunctions are used to separate two complete sentences, a comma must come before the conjunction.

When a coordinating conjunction is used to show that something has two characteristics that seem opposite, a comma is often used as well.

Examples of Coordinating Conjunctions:

Here is a list of coordinating conjunctions:



Or (often used with either, as in "either/or"

Nor (often used with neither, as in "neither/nor")




Examples of words joined with coordinating conjunctions:

Red and yellow

Hard, yet soft (two opposite characteristics)

Nice, but firm (two opposite characteristics)

Daniel and Jessica

Examples of phrases joined with coordinating conjunctions:

the moon on the water and a thousand shining stars

very good quality, but expensive

either the blue shirt or the red shirt

Examples of sentences joined with coordinating conjunctions:

I like cheese pizza, but Mark likes pepperoni.

I want to go to bed, so I am brushing my teeth.

Please help me find a book, but not one that is scary.

Marissa solved the math problem, and her teacher gave her a sticker.

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