Dangling Participles Examples

Dangling Participles

Remember that a participle is a verbal that acts as an adjective in the sentence. Participles can be present participles, ending in "-ing", or past participles, ending in "-ed" or "-en".

Because participles are adjectives, the modify a noun or pronoun in the sentence. A participle that is in the sentence but that does not modify a noun or pronoun in the sentence is called a dangling participle.

Often, a dangling participle will occur at the beginning of a sentence. The sentence begins with a participle phrase, but then the subject of the sentence is not what that phrase is about.

Remember that a participle must modify a word or words in the sentence.

Examples of Dangling Participles:

Examples of sentences with dangling participles, and their corrections:

1) Speeding through the tunnel, the station came into view.

The station was not speeding through the tunnel.

Correction: Speeding through the tunnel, the train approached the station.

2) Broken into pieces, I swept up the glass.

The person was not broken into pieces.

Correction: I swept up the cup, now broken into pieces.

3) Forgetting all about class, the weather was perfect at the beach!

The weather did not forget all about class.

Correction: Forgetting all about class, the friends enjoyed the perfect weather at the beach.

More examples of sentences with a dangling participles:

1) Making my bed, the stuffed animals were on the floor. (the animals are not making the bed)

2) Petting his head, my dog enjoyed my company. (the dog is not petting his own head)

3) Wishing for a pony, the farm was a magical place for me. (the farm is not wishing for a pony)

4) Walking through the woods, the trees were magnificent. (the trees are not walking)

5) Freezing our hands off, the snow was fun to play in. (the snow is not freezing its hands off)

6) Reading quickly, the book was too exciting to put down. (the book is not reading quickly)

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