Demonstrative Pronouns Examples

Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns are pronouns that represent something that has been previously mentioned or something that can be understood from the surrounds, or context.

Examples of Demonstrative Pronouns:

Remember that a pronoun replaces a noun, so the demonstrative pronouns are used to replace something very specific in context.

Be careful! The demonstrative pronouns can also be used as demonstrative adjectives. When used as an adjective, they come just before a noun to express which one. The function of a pronoun is to replace a noun. So, if you see one of these words in front of a noun, it is most likely acting as an adjective and not a pronoun.

List of demonstrative pronouns:

This (singular)

That (singular)

These (plural)

Those (plural)

Examples of demonstrative pronouns used in a sentence:

1) This is very yummy!

2) I would like those, please.

3) I am not sure that is how you do it.

4) These are the most comfortable.

5) Could you hand me that?

6) This is crazy!

7) Those belong to Sarah.

8) Could you help me move these?

9) That is not mine.

10) Bring me those.

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