Denoument Examples


Denoument is another word for the "falling action" of a story. Literally it means "untie," and it refers to the part of the plot after the climax when the problems faced by the characters begin to resolve.

Examples of Denoument:

1. In a story about a serial killer, the killer has been identified and the police begin trying to bring closure for families and victims.

2. In a story about war, the war has ended, and those who have survived begin to try to piece their lives back together.

3. In a story about the growing up and experiencing a difficult situation-such as death-a young person attempts to understand why bad things happen and to try to learn from the experience.

Examples of Denoument in Literature

1. Romeo and Juliet-the families make amends and Romeo's father will erect a statue for Juliet.

2. The Hunger Games Series-ends with the marriage of Katniss and Peeta.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird-after the trial of Tom and being attacked by Mr. Ewell, Scout feels empathy for Boo Radley, who saved her and Jem.

4. Julius Caesar-Brutus and Caesar make a suicide pact after Portia dies.

5. Beowulf-Beowulf is injured and dies, but he also slays the dragon as his last act.

6. Wuthering Heights-Heathcliffe fulfills his goal of being master of both estates, but has lost everyone he loves, and then he dies.

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