Functioning as a Noun Examples

Functioning as a Noun

A prepositional phrase, which shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun that is the object of the preposition and another word in the sentence, often functions as an adjective or an adverb in the sentence.

However, sometimes, a prepositional phrase can function as a noun.

Examples of Functioning as a Noun:

A prepositional phrase functioning as a noun is very rare, but you need to recognize it when it does happen. A prepositional phrase functioning as a noun will usually be the subject of a sentence, and less often as a predicate noun renaming the subject. Be careful! Sometimes prepositional phrases do follow be verbs, but often, they are telling you where something is, so they are functioning as adverbs.

Examples of prepositional phrases functioning as nouns:

1) On a boat is where I want to be.

2) After the party will be too late for us to go to the movies.

3) Beyond the backyard is marshland.

4) Under the couch is an abyss where toys are lost.

5) Over the rainbow sounds like a nice place.

6) The time I will be happy is after the party.

7) Where I want to be is on a boat.

8) During the play is not the time to go to the restroom.

9) During the game is when I noticed the ant bite.

10)At the park is a fun place to play.

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