Interrogative Adjectives Examples

Interrogative Adjectives

Adjectives are words that modify, or describe, people, places, things, or ideas. In other words, adjectives modify nouns. Adjectives answer questions like which one, what kind or how many.

Examples of Interrogative Adjectives:

Examples of Adjectives:

Blue sky, wet dog, beautiful sunset

Interrogative adjectives are adjectives that modify nouns when there is a question about which one, what kind, or how many. "Interrogative" means to question. These are common interrogative adjectives: which, what, whose

Examples of Interrogative Adjectives:

which house
what dessert
whose chair

Be careful. The same words that can function as interrogative adjectives can also function as pronouns. So, you must make sure that the word precedes a noun for it to be an adjective.

Which cat is yours? (interrogative adjective)
Which is yours? (pronoun)

Examples of Interrogative Adjectives in Sentences

1. What time will you be arriving for dinner at our house?
2. Which book is your favorite one out of this series?
3. Do you know whose coat this is?
4. Will you tell me which house belongs to the Cook family?
5. Could you help me figure out what cake is grandma's favorite?
6. Which piece of pie would you like to have for dessert?
7. Whose plate was left on the table after breakfast?
8. Which shirt should I wear to school tomorrow for picture day?
9. Whose shoes tracked mud into the hallway after the storm?
10. What problems do you think Mr. Tilly will put on our quiz?
11. Would you mind telling me whose phone this is?
12. Do you know which way the dog ran when he got out of the fence?
13. Which team is supposed to practice on this field tonight at 6pm?
14. What fruit would go best with our lunch today?
15. Whose lunchbox was left on the table in the cafeteria?

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