Passive Voice Examples

Passive Voice

Passive voice occurs when the person or thing performing the action in a sentence is the object rather than the subject. In this type of grammatical syntax, the subject of the sentence is the person, place, or thing that receives the action-normally the object. We typically use active voice, where the subject of the sentence is the person or thing performing the action. Passive voice is the opposite of active voice.

Most handbooks for formal writing will encourage writers to avoid passive voice. Passive voice might be appropriate, however, if you are trying to emphasize the object of the sentence (Example: "Fun was had by all" emphasizes the "fun".).


Active Voice: The boy threw the ball.

Passive Voice: The ball was thrown by the boy.

Examples of Passive Voice:

1. The seashell was found by the girl in the white hat.
2. The movie was enjoyed by all.
3. The decorations for the party were created by Jessica.
4. The phone was left in the car.
5. The vase was broken. (Passive voice is appropriate when you don't know who performed the action).
6. The toy was chewed by the dog.
7. The stuffed animal was well loved by the little girl.
8. The laundry is always done by Mom.
9. These cookies were baked at the grocery store bakery.
10. The vegetables were disliked by the children.

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