Personal Pronouns Examples

Personal Pronouns

Pronouns are words that take the place of nouns. This means that a pronoun renames a person, place, thing, or idea.

Examples of Personal Pronouns:

We use pronouns so that we don't constantly have to repeat the noun.

Personal Pronouns are pronouns that replace specific people or things.

Some personal pronouns are subjective, meaning they are used as subjects of the main clause or of a dependent clause. Other personal pronouns are objective, meaning that they are used in predicates as objects or complements.

Examples of personal pronouns:

I (subjective)

Me (objective)

You (subjective and objective)

He (subjective)

She (subjective)

Him (objective)

Her (objective)

It (subjective and objective)

We (subjective)

Us (objective)

They (subjective)

Them (objective)

Examples of pronouns in a sentence:

I would like some water.

Marie, did you forget something?

Kevin said he would share his cake with me.

The dog acts like it is hungry.

My parents said they need a night out.

Are we going to the lake with them?

I am friends with him.

Pam gave the cookies to her.

She is my little sister.

Don't be rude to us.

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