Positive Adjectives Examples

Positive Adjectives

Adjectives are words that are used to describe or provide more information about nouns or pronouns in a sentence.

The words that we use can have positive or negative meanings. When we choose to describe someone or something, we can choose to use positive adjectives or negative adjectives. The words that we choose will help the reader to get an overall impression-positive or negative-about the person, place, or thing that we are describing.

Examples of Positive Adjectives:

My mother is mean.
My mother is firm.

There is a difference in how these two words leave an impression of the mother. While both give an impression of a mother who is not lenient, "firm" is more positive than "mean."

We often use positive adjectives to cast a negative situation in the best light. Sometimes this is called euphemism.


The company was broke.
The company was financially-challenged.

In addition to attempting to use positive adjectives to cast the best light on a negative, we use positive adjectives to aptly describe positive events and people as well. The goal is to use the most appropriate positive adjective.


It was the best vacation ever!
It was the most relaxing vacation ever!

Examples of Positive Adjectives

1. Mr. Jones gave us a challenging test.
2. Those flowers are gorgeous.
3. Your dress looks remarkable today, Mrs. Giles.
4. The children were rambunctious this afternoon.
5. You all are very talkative today.
6. The little girl was animated as she told her parents about her day.
7. The tenacious dog would not let go of the bone.
8. The principal smiled at the quirky child.
9. The experience was educational, to say the least.
10. Let's just say that Mrs. Peters is a rigorous teacher.
11. I do appreciate your youthful appreciation of humor.

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