Predicate Adjectives Examples

Predicate Adjectives

You already know that some verbs are called linking verbs, and they link the subject of the sentence to words or information that renames or describes the subject.

Adjectives can function as predicate adjectives, meaning that they can follow a linking verb and provide information that describes the subject of the sentence.

A predicate adjective can be a single adjective, or it can be a phrase that includes an adjective and any modifiers.

How to find a predicate adjective:

1) Find the verb in the sentence. Is the verb a linking verb?

2) Now look at the information following the verb. Does this information rename the verb or give you more information about the subject?

3) If the information gives more information about the subject-telling you which one, what kind, or how many-then you have found a predicate adjective.

Examples of Predicate Adjectives:

Examples of predicate adjectives with explanation:

1) Ian is tall. Tall gives us more information about Ian.

2) My teacher is very nice. Nice gives us more information about teacher, and very modifies nice.

3) The soup was hot and spicy. Hot and spicy both give information about the soup.

Here are some additional sentences with predicate adjectives:

1) I think Martin feels sick.

2) Marie looks beautiful in her new dress.

3) My mom and dad are funny, but strict.

4) The football game was exciting.

5) The puppies are too young to leave their mother.

6) This book is so good!

7) The boys are loud and crazy today.

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