Subordinating Conjunctions Examples

Subordinating Conjunctions

When you think of a conjunction, you probably think of words like "and," "but," and "or." These are coordinating conjunctions. There are other types of conjunctions, however.

Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions:

A subordinating conjunction introduces a subordinate clause, or a dependent clause. A subordinating conjunction still serves the purpose of linking or joining, but it links the dependent clause to the independent clause to form a complex sentence.

Words that function as subordinating conjunctions also function in other ways-as adjectives and adverbs-so be careful not to just assume that there is a dependent clause when you see these words. Remember that a subordinate clause, or dependent clause, must have a subject and a verb, but it does not form a complete thought. The subordinating conjunction is the word that keeps it from forming a complete thought.

Examples of Words that Often Function as Subordinating Conjunctions

if, because, after, which, that, when, before, even if, though, while, who, once, whenever

Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions in Sentences

Subordinating conjunction is in bold; dependent clause is italicized.

You need to go to bed after you brush your teeth.

Once you finish reading the book, you have a report to write.

I cannot finish this project until the book on frogs is returned to the library.

Although she is a great swimmer, Katie still does not swim alone.

When we arrive at school, the principal greets us at the door.

Turn your papers in as you leave to go to recess.

You have to clean your room right now because I said so.

No one likes to play on the playground since they took the swings down.

Unless we finish the project, we will not be able to go to the pool.

Before we can leave for the beach, mom has to finish the laundry.

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