Tautology Examples


Tautology is when something is repeated, but it is said using different words. There are times when repetition is accidental-the writer or speaker did not mean to repeat the idea. However, there are times when tautology is done for effect. Repeating an idea in a different way can bring attention to the idea.

Examples of Tautology:

1. The hot summer sun was scorching.

2. I personally made this card for you with my own hands.

3. The soggy ground was wet and covered in mud.

4. I apologize because I am very sorry that I broke your bowl.

5. The teacher assisted me by helping me to complete the math problem.

Examples of Tautology from Speech, Literature, and Music

1. "I want to live while I am alive." Bon Jovi

2. "And as for me, if I am bereaved of my children, I am bereaved." Genesis 43:14, The Bible

3. "Allow myself to introduce myself." Austin Powers

4. "With malice toward none, and with charity for all." Abraham Lincoln

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