Big Brother is Watching You Examples

Big Brother is Watching You

The phrase "big brother is watching you" has become common in our society. There is even a television show, "Big Brother," that is named so because of this phrase. On the show houseguests interact, knowing that there are cameras watching their every move. The public who watches the show can evict houseguests as the season unfolds.

Examples of Big Brother is Watching You:

The phrase "big brother is watching you" originated in George Orwell's novel 1984. The novel is a political satire about the power of government and a totalitarian state. The phrase appears near the beginning of the book, and then is seen on posters and as slogans throughout the book. The idea is that the government, or "the party," is consistently watching the public and monitoring their actions by using cameras and listening devices.

This phrase has become common and is used today to refer to the power of the government and the idea that we are constantly being monitored by the government. Below are some examples of how different citizens think that the government is monitoring our actions:

1. Social media sites, such as Facebook, collect information on our purchasing habits and different websites we visit. Then, we see ads popping up in our newsfeed related to those purchases or sites. Some people would say this is a type of "big brother" situation.
2. Google Earth has satellite images of various places on earth, and you can even search the address of your home and see satellite images of your home, your street, etc. Some would say that this information is a situation of "big brother" watching.
3. Many major cities have security cameras in use across the entire city, especially in a post-9/11 world. While these are intended to be a security feature and allow authorities to monitor and track for potential crime, many would say that the government, or "big brother," is constantly watching the actions of ordinary citizens.
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