Evidence Examples


Think about how you have heard the term evidence used. In a courtroom, lawyers make an argument about whether someone is guilty or innocent, and they present evidence-information to support their claim.

Evidence in writing works the same way. When you write an argumentative essay, or make a persuasive speech, you present a point of view-or argument-and you support it with evidence.

Evidence can take many forms. You can present logical evidence-facts and data. You can present emotional evidence-appeals to someone's sense of fairness or to something that tugs on their heartstrings. You can also present evidence that relies on an expert opinion.

Examples of Evidence:

A commercial about a painkiller for children includes evidence in the form of a pediatrician talking about how she recommends the product as safe and effective.

A child who wants a pet parakeet presents evidence to support her argument in the form of facts-she will take care of the bird because she already feeds her dog morning and night, she already has a space in her room that is big enough for a bird cage.

A commercial about diapers presents emotional evidence in the form of a mother who is frustrated with a leaky diaper-but who is smiling and loving when her baby's diaper is not leaking.

A political speech about oil prices presents evidence that is logical-data and facts about the prices of oil-and evidence that is emotional-talking about how the prices are affecting American families.

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