Examples of Heroes Examples

Examples of Heroes

Loosely applied, hero refers to the protagonist of a story, or someone who does a brave, "heroic" deed. In a literary sense, a hero is an archetypal character that has several specific characteristics.

  • A hero often has an unusual birth or circumstances surrounding his/her birth.
  • A hero is often forced to leave his home and loved ones to go on a quest or adventure.
  • A hero has a special or supernatural weapon or power and often has supernatural help on the quest.
  • A hero has to prove himself and his bravery on the journey.
  • A hero is rewarded for his deeds.
Examples of Examples of Heroes:

Examples of Heroes from Literature

Jesus in the Christian Bible-Jesus was born to a virgin and was the Son of God. At 33, he began his ministry, traveling from his home. He had supernatural healing powers. The ultimate "quest" and feat of bravery was facing death and being raised from the dead. He was rewarded by ascending into Heaven.

Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars Movies-Birth is shrouded in mystery and he eventually learns that he is the son of Darth Vader and has a twin sister-they were separated and hidden at birth. Tragedy (the murder of his aunt and uncle) and a mysterious message from a droid spark Luke to set off on a quest to find a Jedi master and ultimately the quest leads him to fight for the rebellion and against the Empire. He is rewarded with supernatural help from "the force," and he learns to use a light saber. He is rewarded for his deeds by receiving a medal from Princess Leia.

Bilbo Baggins (Hobbit) and Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings) are hobbits who were heroes in Tolkein's books. They both leave the Shire, their homeland, to endure a quest that is necessary in the fight between good and evil. They both receive help on their quest from magical beings (elves, Gandolf the wizard). They both must prove themselves over and over on their journeys.

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