Fallacy Examples


A fallacy is an argument that is based on faulty logic. When writers or speakers present arguments, they support their arguments with evidence. A fallacy is a piece of evidence-or a reason that the writer has given to support the argument-that is not logical.

There are many different types of fallacies. These are some of the more common ones:

Appeal to Authority-arguing nhat something is believable because of who else believes it

Appeal to Popular Opinion-arguing that something is beneficial because "everyone else" is using it or doing it

Guilt by Association-Almost the opposite of appealing to popular opinion. This fallacy argues that something is bad because of its association with specific individuals.

Examples of Fallacy:

Don't vote for that candidate because she will just support everything that President Obama says. (guilt by association)

Commercial advertising a product, showing a large crowd of people laughing and having a great time while using that product. (appeal to popular opinion)

Michael Jordan wears Hanes. (appeal to authority-the fallacy is that Michael Jordan is an authority on underwear?)

Taylor Swift thinks this artist is the next big thing. (appeal to authority)

The parents who lock their children in hot cars always seem to be shopping at Walmart. (guilt by association)

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