Imperative Sentence Examples

Imperative Sentence

There are four types of sentences in the English language: declarative (makes a statement), interrogative (asks a question), exclamatory (is a statement of exclamation), and imperative. An imperative sentence is a sentence that issues a command. In other words, an imperative sentence is used to tell others what to do.

Imperative sentences can be hard commands, or they can come across as polite requests or even as advice.

All sentences must have a subject and a verb, but in an imperative sentence, the subject is often understood to be "you." Because the sentence is giving a command, the "you" is often left out.

Examples of Imperative Sentence:

Go to the store and buy some milk. (understood subject is "you")

Put your shoes away.

Jessica, you need to eat your vegetables.

Please join me for dinner.

Come with us to the movies later.

When cooking dinner, you must preheat the oven.

Get over it!

If the teacher tells you to turn something in, you need to turn it in!

Take your dirty clothes to the laundry room.

Choose your friends wisely.

As you go upstairs to bed, take these books and put them back on your bookshelf.

Get into the car so that we can leave for vacation.

Wear the red shoes with that dress instead of the black ones.

Stay in line and remain quiet as we walk down the hallway.

Wash your hands and brush your teeth before bed.

Make sure that you put all of your homework into your backpack tonight.

Stop biting your fingernails.

Spend your time reading instead of playing on your phone.

Please join the class after you take the book back to the library.

Take this note to the office and give it to Mrs. Smith.

Simon says to hop on one foot.

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