Induction Examples


When we reach a conclusion through logical reasoning, it is called induction or inductive reasoning. Induction begins with facts, and we draw conclusions based on the facts that we have. Our conclusions may be correct; or they may be wrong.

Induction is the opposite of deduction, which is starting with the general statement or claim, and then giving a specific example. Induction starts with the specifics and then draws the general conclusion based on the specific facts.

Examples of Induction:

I have seen four students at this school leave trash on the floor. The students in this school are disrespectful.

Jamie got pizza for lunch. Sarah got pizza for lunch. Mark got pizza for lunch. The pizza must be good.

Sarah likes math. Today's lesson is about division. Sarah will like today's lesson.

Most women don't like spiders. Pam is a woman. Pam does not like spiders.

80% of the students in this school like football. Ian is a student at this school. He must like football.

Our teacher is letting us pick a piece of candy out of a bowl. The first four students got a chocolate bar. The bowl must be full of chocolate bars.

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