Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is written with the objective to persuade the reader to agree with a specific viewpoint on a subject. This type of essay is also called argumentative.

Examples of Persuasive Essay:

The writer of a persuasive essay includes three specific things in the essay:

1. The thesis statement in a persuasive essay states the writer's viewpoint, which is also how the writer would like the reader to feel on the subject.
2. The body paragraphs of a persuasive essay include reasons and examples to support the writer's viewpoint.
3. The writer typically includes a counterargument, which outlines why the opposing viewpoint is not valid or correct.

The introduction to a persuasive essay provides background on the topic and the possible opposing viewpoints. The conclusion of a persuasive essay often includes a call to action, which is an attempt to persuade the reader to take action or take a specific stand on the topic.

Excerpt from Persuasive Essay


Many school struggle with writing a dress code to govern what students wear to school. While students enjoy being able to express their personalities through dress, schools must strike a balance between student choices and creating a learning environment where all students feel comfortable and able to focus on academic tasks. Schools should require uniforms for students to create a distraction-free environment, to encourage school spirit, and to ensure that all students can afford clothing that is appropriate for school.

Body Paragraph

School uniforms would create a distraction-free environment in the classroom. Popular fashion for children and teens these days includes shirts with slogans, shirts with sequins, and shoes that light up. All of these things can be distracting in the classroom. In addition, clothing that is too tight, too short, or too revealing can distract students. In a survey of 100 students at Grover High School, 85% of students reported being distracted by the clothing of other students at least once a week. School uniforms would eliminate many of these types of distractions.


Some would argue that school uniforms are expensive and that some families would not be able to afford them. However, this is not based in fact. Based on a review of local advertisements, the average cost of a pair of jeans is $20.00. The average cost of a t-shirt is $10.00. A basic school wardrobe for 5 days would cost, on average, $150.00. Schools can offer school uniforms-with mix and match pieces-for the same pricing. In addition, because the pieces mix and match and all students are wearing the same basic pieces, a variety of outfits can be made with the same few articles of clothing. This would actually level the playing field for students from affluent families and others. All students are wearing the same types of clothing, so no one stands out.


If the focus of school is academics and learning, students should be able to think less about what they are wearing and more about what they are reading. School uniforms are a way to minimize distractions, while creating a sense of school pride and belonging in the student body. In addition, school uniforms are affordable, and would ensure that all students have a similar level of attire, regardless of family income. It's time to start a conversation about the benefits of school uniforms in your school community!

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