Portmanteau Examples


When two words are combined together to make a completely new word, the word is referred to as a portmanteau. The creation is different from a compound word. A portmanteau actually fuses the two words into a new and separate word by blending the parts of the words together.

Examples of Portmanteau:

Frappuccino (Frappe and Cappuccino)

Labradoodle (Labrador and Poodle)

Jazzercise (jazz and exercise)

Brunch (breakfast and lunch)

Carjack (car and hijack)

Motorcade (motor and cavalcade)

Sexting (sex and texting)

Chillax (chill and relax)

Snark (snide and remark)

Ginormous (gigantic and enormous)

Workaholic (work and alcoholic)

Podcast (IPod and broadcast)

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