Process Essay Examples

Process Essay

A process essay is an essay that explains or outlines the process for making something or completing a process or activity. Process essays are most often organized in a chronological or step-by-step manner, such that the reader is lead through the process of making something or completing an activity.

Because of the step-by-step nature of a process essay, transition words are critically important in the process essay. The reader has to know what to do first, next, and finally. The reader also has to know what to do "before" something else, "while" something else is happening, or even "eventually."

While they are not technically full essays, recipes are a good example of a process writing. Recipes include a step-by-step process for making a food or dish. Process essays have the same purpose as recipes-to lead the reader through the process.

Examples of Process Essay:

This is an excerpt from an essay on how to make the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Some people say that you should spread the peanut butter on one slice of bread and the jelly on the other. However, these people have never experienced the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever made.

You begin with a bowl-not too big, and not too small. You gather the ingredients-peanut butter, jelly, and white bread. The best peanut butter is the creamy kind, and make sure the bread is fresh and soft.

After gathering the ingredients, spoon a large clump of peanut butter into the bowl. Adjust the amount depending on the number of sandwiches you plan to make. Then, spoon a large clump of jelly into the bowl with the peanut butter. Using the spoon, mix the peanut butter and jelly together. You will need to stir briskly to mix the two. This is the secret to the best peanut butter and jelly!

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