Slang Examples


Slang is informal language-words that are not typically part of what is accepted as correct use of language. Slang terms can be related to location-a rural or urban area-or to a specific group of people. For example, teenagers often use slang terms that their parents do not understand.

While slang is usually spoken, it does appear in written literature. Often, it is a way to develop the depth of a character.

Examples of Slang:

What's up?


He was mean mugging me. (Looking at me with a mean face.)

Photo bomb (someone ruining the picture)

You are so skinny it makes me sick. (jealous; envious)

The car is wicked fast. (very fast)

Examples of Slang in Literature

The Outsiders, a novel about the conflict between two groups of kids from opposite sides of town, is full of slang terms. Here are a few examples:


Tuff-something cool


Hacked off-angry

Heater-a gun

The Harry Potter series is also full of slang terms used by Harry and his young wizard friends:

Do a Weasley-do something daring, like the Weasley twins

Gulping Gargoyles-expresses surprise and amazement

Mudblood-derogatory term for someone whose parents are not magic

Squib-someone who is born into a wizard family, but who has very little power

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