Transitions Examples


A transition is a word or a phrase that connects information and ideas in a previous sentence or paragraph to the information that is coming up in the writing.

Transitions help the reader to move through a text easily, signaling the reader when the writer is continuing a thought or shifting gears slightly. It is necessary for writers to use transitions to help a text flow and make sense for a reader.

Examples of Transitions:
FirstIn additionAlsoLikewise
Next Inconclusion In contrast Furthermore
Then Therefore However Yet
Finally Another example To begin To conclude

Examples of Transition Words and Phrases in Use:

You may think that all cheerleaders are not smart; however, many cheerleaders at the college level have a 4.0 GPA.

In conclusion, Achilles' tragic flaw was his belief in his own immortality.

Donuts contain a lot of sugar; therefore, they are not something you should eat every day.

You will be healthier if you play outside for a little while every day. Likewise, you will be healthier if you eat vegetables and fruits every day.

First, you put the flour and sugar into the bowl. Next, you mix in the butter and eggs. Then, you roll out the dough. Finally, you cut the cookies out.

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