Utopia Examples


A utopia is an ideal society. Therefore, utopian literature is literature about an ideal society. What the utopia looks like depends on what the author considers to be ideal, but it could be a society in which everyone is equal, everyone has enough of everything, there is no war, etc.

The opposite of utopia is dystopia. This would be a society, naturally, where everything is not ideal. An example of a dystopia would be the type of society found in The Hunger Games.

Examples of Utopia:

Examples of Utopian Literature

The Bible describes a utopia in the book of Revelations. After the current world is destroyed, Christ will come again and make "a new heaven and a new Earth," where Christians will live forever and in peace and harmony.

H.G. Wells's A Modern Utopia, there is a parallel planet to Earth, where we all have a "double." However, this world exists as a utopia, in contrast to ours.

In News from Nowhere, William Morris creates a futuristic utopian, socialist society through the dreams of the narrator, William Guest. Guest falls asleep and wakes up in a society where there is no class system, as well as no private property, no big cities, no authority, etc. It is a farming society, and people enjoy their work because they enjoy nature.

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