Verbal Examples


Remember that a verb is a word that expresses the action of the subject (action verb), or it links the subject to more information that renames or describes it (linking verb). But, sometimes a verb is used as a different part of speech in a verbal or verbal phrase.

Examples of Verbal:

There are three types of verbals:

Gerund: a verb that functions as a noun in the sentence. Gerunds always end in –ing. Here are some examples of gerunds:

Cooking is a hobby of mine. (subject)

Samantha likes dancing. (direct object)

Running with my friends is relaxing. (subject)

Participial: a verb that functions as an adjective in the sentence. Participials can end in –ing (present participial) or –ed (past participial). If the verb is irregular, however, the past participial can end in a different way. Here are some examples of participials.

Running with my friends is relaxing. (predicate adjective)

The broken chair belonged to my grandmother. (irregular past participial)

I don't eat raw fish-only cooked fish.

The running water was peaceful background noise.

Infinitive: a verb phrase that can function as a noun, adjective, or adverb in the sentence. Infinitives are pretty easy to pick out-they are "to + a verb." It may be a little more difficult to determine their function in the sentence.

To run a marathon is my lifelong dream. (noun; subject of the sentence)

I need a shirt to wear to the party. (adjective; describes shirt)

I am only going to the party to see my friend Sarah. (adverb; tells why I am going)

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