Global Warming Examples

Global Warming

Global warming is a term that refers to the general warmup of the Earth and its atmosphere. Global warming is a hotly debated topic from one day to the next. The cause of global warming occurs because of greenhouse gases. Certain types of gases in our atmosphere cause the Earth to trap and retain an excess amount of the sun's energy causing the overall temperatures of our air and water to heat up. Carbon dioxide is a big greenhouse gas. Essentially these gases thicken our atmosphere which is the equivalent of adding blankets to keep warm. Greenhouse gases are necessary to trap some heat to maintain livable conditions on the Earth but by adding greenhouse gases over time we increase the amount of heat and this could potentially change our living conditions.

Examples of Global Warming:

1. Increased temperatures cause polar ice caps to melt

2. Increased temperatures cause glaciers to melt and retreat faster than usual.

3. The addition of meltwater into the oceans causes climate change.

4. Adding meltwater to the oceans causes the water levels to rise.

5. Rising sea levels could cause more flooding in coastal communities.

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