Ice Erosion Examples

Ice Erosion

The process of large chunks of ice known as glaciers moving over the landscape and carving out parts of the Earth is known as ice erosion. Erosion is a process referring to the wearing away of a substance or surface. If you are referring to ice erosion, then the wearing away of the substance or surface was caused by ice.

Examples of Ice Erosion:

1. Glacial lakes are formed by ice erosion. The glacier carves out a ditch in the Earth and the glacial water melts and is left behind.

2. Yosemite Valley was carved out by large glaciers as the ice moved through the Sierra Nevada.

3. The Great Lakes were carved out with the help of ice erosion. These large bowls were slowly carved out of the Earth as the glacier moved forward and as they retreated, the glacier left behind meltwater to fill these lakes.

4. Moraines are formed by ice erosion which are piles of rock and debris that are carried by the glacier and left behind when it retreats, these can often be seen as a hill or ridge in a random location.

5. The fjords in Norway were once a flatter piece of Earth and ice erosion caused by glaciers carved out these large rock waterways.

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