Iconography Examples


According to the online version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary, iconography refers to "the imagery or symbolism of a work of art, an artist, or a body of art." In other words, this refers to an artist's use of some symbol to describe their painting or work of art. This can also be found in film and cinema development. In modern movies, the character of Robert Langdon played by Tom Hanks in the Dan Brown movies is a symbologist who constantly uncovers the meanings of ancient symbols in the storyline.

Examples of Iconography:

1. The color red symbolizes death and was used as foreshadowing in the movie the sixth sense with Bruce Willis. Any time a dead person was in a room, there was something red in the scene.

2. The Cross has always been a symbol of Christianity in religion.

3. In films, the western genre would include icons like the cowboy hat, saloons, and spurs.

4. The statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom.

5. The original meaning of the swastika meant literally "to be good." It had been used for 3,000 years by many cultures but most recently this icon had a negative meaning because it was adopted and used as a symbol of the Nazi regime.

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