Inductive Reasoning Examples

Inductive Reasoning

Inductive reasoning is a type of thought process that moves from the specific observation to the general. Sometimes scientists see something occur and they will hypothesize and make a theory based on the observation.

Examples of Inductive Reasoning:

My father was loud when he was angry. All fathers are loud when they are angry.

The first three candies that I ate out of the bag were chocolates. All of the candy in the bag is chocolate.

The first two kids I met at my new school were nice to me. The students at this school are really nice.

My kindergarten teacher liked apples. My first grade teacher liked apples. My second grade teacher will like apples, too.

90% of the students at the school passed the test. Sarah is a student at the school, so she passed the test.

Marie likes to color. Marie likes to draw. Marie will enjoy having a birthday party at an art studio.

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