Wind Erosion Examples

Wind Erosion

Erosion is the process by which a natural structure like mountains, rocks, or riverbeds are worn away over time by a force of nature. This force can be dramatic and sudden, like a volcano or earthquake, or can be very gradual, as in the case waves in the ocean smoothing out rocks along the shore. One of the more dramatic yet gradual forces of erosion is wind erosion.

This term refers to the change that land structures undergo due to the constant, repeated barrage of wind. This wind force moves soil, sediment, and granular pieces of rock, resulting in a change to the landscape over time.

Rock formation in various location sculpted by wind erosion

Dunes, particularly in deserts, off of which sand is blown

Various rock or sand structures created via wind blowing off rock and sand around them

Examples of Wind Erosion:

1.Sand Dunes

The erosion of sand dunes along the coast line is a serious concern, as the dunes help protect streets and waterways from flooding, especially during storms. But wind erosion has led to the destruction of a number of dunes to the point that wind breaks are often being built to protect the mounds of sand and sea grass.

2.Rock Formations

Many rocky desert landscapes boast stunning rock formations, some of which reach significant heights. These formations were created by wind erosion as the force of moving air swept through the terrain, wearing away the native rocks. Unfortunately, the same wind power that created these formations over hundreds of thousands or even millions of years are still at work, changing the structure again.


The Grand Canyon is believed to have been formed over the course of millions of years by water erosion from the Colorado River, but theories have also cited wind erosion as a chief cause for the continuing erosion of the canyon's walls far above the river level.

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