Moveable Pulleys Examples

Moveable Pulleys

All over the country American flags are raised into the air every morning and lowered later in the evening. A simple machine called a pulley helps a person raise and lower the flag. A pulley is a wheel with a groove in it, and a rope in the groove. The wheel can be any size, and the length of the rope can vary as well. The wheel can also be called a drum or a sheave.

Examples of Moveable Pulleys:

In a moveable pulley, the Load is attached directly to the pulley and both can move from place to place. One end of the rope is attached to a point that does not move. This type of Pulley takes less effort or force to move a Load.

A zip line is an example of a moveable pulley, though both ends of the rope is attached to something, the pulley moves along the rope or metal cable. The load is the person holding onto the pulley or wheel, the rope is fixed in spot, and the force is the attachment to the opposite end of the line.

There are also two other types of pulleys: A simple pulley and a compound pulley. The differences between them are determined by the location and number of wheels and ropes, and the attachment of the wheel and rope.

Pulleys are used in window blinds, on ships to raise and lower sails, elevators, exercise equipment, theater curtains, extension ladders, garage doors and more. Rock climbers also use pulleys to help them climb. As with all simple machines like the pulley, they are designed to help make work easier to do.

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