Pharaohs Facts

Pharaohs Facts
Pharaohs were the most powerful rulers in Egypt. A pharaoh served as both the religious and political leader, who owned all land, set taxes, made the laws that citizens had to follow, and was in charge of ensuring that Egypt was safe against invaders. When a pharaoh conquered another land, the people there were forced to provide him with riches and recognize his power. The word pharaoh is actually derived from a Greek word meaning 'great house.' When the term was first used it was not in reference to a person, but instead it referenced the palace. Pharaohs were essentially emperors or kings, but were considered to be gods as well.
Interesting Pharaohs Facts:
Sometimes a queen became the pharaoh but most pharaohs were men. Some of the female pharaohs include Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut.
Pepy II was a pharaoh in Egypt for 94 years. He became the pharaoh at the age of only six.
Some believe the first pharaoh in Egypt was Menes (Narmer). He united Egypt into a single country by joining Lower Egypt (red crown) and Upper Egypt (white crown). Others believe it may have been Aha.
Every time the throne transferred to a new family, it was considered to be a new dynasty.
The Palermo stone is a tablet that was discovered by archaeologists and depicts what is believed to be some of the first pharaohs in Egypt.
Ancient Egyptians believed that the bloodline was strengthened by marrying a close relative. The opposite was true but they were unaware of biology at the time.
Usually when a pharaoh became leader work began on their tomb. Tombs varied in size but took years to build because they were large.
Many pharaohs were buried in tombs built along the western side of the Nile, now referred to as the 'Valley of the Kings'.
One of the most famous pharaohs known today was Tutankhamen (King Tut). When his tomb was uncovered it had not been destroyed by grave robbers and has since been considered one of the greatest finds in Ancient Egypt.
Pharaohs had many wives, but only one wife was given the role of queen.
It is not known exactly how many pharaohs actually ruled Ancient Egypt throughout its history. Some believe it was 170, but as many as 225 names have been used.
Although there were only four female pharaohs both men and women pharaohs wore fake beards as part of their royal costume.
Men and women pharaohs wore makeup. They believed their eye makeup protected them from evil spirits.
Pharaohs were believed to have been overweight. Hatshepsut's mummy proved this. They ate a lot of bread, honey and high carbohydrate foods along with beverages such as beer and wine. It is believed that many pharaohs may have been diabetic.
Because Ancient Egyptians believed in the afterlife they spent most of their lives preparing for it. Their tombs were packed with their riches and personal fortunes because they believed they would need it in the afterlife to continue to live in the same luxury.

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