Armadillo lizard Facts

Armadillo lizard Facts
Armadillo lizard, also known as armadillo spiny-tailed lizard or armadillo girdled lizard is a reptile that can be found only on the western coast of South Africa. Armadillo lizard inhabits deserts, scrublands and dry, rocky areas. Because of their unusual look, armadillo lizards are collected from the wild and sold in the pet shops around Europe and North America. High demand for armadillo lizards and well developed pet trade negatively affects their number in the wild. Armadillo lizards are listed as vulnerable (they may become endangered in the near future).
Interesting Armadillo lizard Facts:
Armadillo lizard can reach 15 to 17 inches in length and 8 to 17 pounds of weight. It has 14 to 16 inches long tail.
Body of armadillo lizards is covered with square-shaped scales. They are light to dark brown on a dorsal side of the body and yellow on the bottom side. Upper lip is brown in color. Chin is covered with black marks and throat with dark blotches. Unique coloration of the body provides camouflage.
Armadillo lizards have triangular head and flattened body and tail. Front legs are longer than hind legs.
Armadillo lizards have long, tube-like nostrils and excellent sense of smell. They use sense of smell for detection of food and predators.
Armadillo lizards have extremely strong bite. They are even able to break their own jaws during the feeding.
Armadillo lizards are diurnal animals (active during the day).
Armadillo lizard is an omnivore (it eats plants and other animals). Its diet mainly consists of termites, but it also consumes scorpions, millipedes, spiders and certain types of plants.
Humans are the biggest enemies of armadillo lizards. Besides them, they are often targeted by birds of prey.
Whenever possible, armadillo lizards will try to escape from predators. Because of their flattened bodies, they can hide in tight rock crevices. However, armadillo lizards move slowly and predators can catch them easily.
Armadillo lizards are named that way because of the armadillo-like tactic which they use to avoid predators. In the case of danger, armadillo lizards curl into the ball that is unpalatable for most animals because of the spines on the neck and tail.
Armadillo lizards are able to shed their tail in the case of danger.
Armadillo lizards live in large groups that usually consist of up to 30 members (sometimes up to 60).
Mating season takes place during the spring. Males are territorial and mate with females that live on their territories.
Female gives birth to one or two babies at the end of April (at the beginning of rainy season). Unlike other reptiles, females take care of their babies. Armadillo lizards attain sexual maturity when they reach body length of 4 inches.
Armadillo lizard can survive up to 25 years in captivity. Lifespan in the wild is unknown.

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