Cotton-top tamarin Facts

Cotton-top tamarin Facts
Cotton-top tamarin is small primate that belongs to the group of New World Monkeys. It is native to South America. Cotton-top tamarin inhabits tropical rainforests and secondary forests in the southwestern parts of Columbia. Thanks to the uncontrolled collecting from the wild (due to pet trade and scientific studies) and habitat loss (due to deforestation), population of cotton-top tamarins has been reduced to around 6000 animals. Number of cotton-top monkeys continuous to decline, which is why they are classified as critically endangered.
Interesting Cotton-top tamarin Facts:
Cotton-top tamarin can reach 8.2 to 10.2 inches in length and 14.5 to 15.9 ounces of weight.
Cotton-top tamarin has reddish-brown hair on the back, thighs and tail and white fur on the belly. Skin on the face is black-colored with white or grey bands above eyes. Cotton-top tamarin has tuft of white hair (crest) on top of the head that stretches from the forehead to the shoulders, hence the name "cotton-top".
Cotton-top tamarin has sharp nails on all fingers except on the big toes which have flat nails. It has long tail that is not prehensile.
Cotton-top tamarin is an arboreal animal. It spends entire life in the trees which provide food and shelter from the predators.
Cotton-top tamarin is diurnal animal (active during the day).
Cotton-top tamarin is an omnivore. Its diet is based on the insects, spiders, flowers, fruit, sap, nectar and occasionally on the eggs and lizards.
Cotton-top tamarin does not descend to the ground to find water because it is too risky (too many predators). It obtains water from the fruit and leaves covered with raindrops and dew.
Cotton-top tamarin lives in small groups of 2 to 13 animals. Eldest female is the leader of the group.
Cotton-top tamarins are territorial animals. They use scent to mark their territories. When two groups of cotton-top tamarins meet in the wild, they do not fight. They just show their rear ends, which is territorial display.
Natural enemies of cotton-top tamarins are wild cats, hawks and snakes.
Mating season of cotton-top tamarins takes place all year round (and reaches the peak between April and July).
Only dominant pair in the group mates.
Pregnancy lasts 183 days and ends with twins. Entire group takes care of the babies. Males are responsible for carrying and grooming of babies and they usually lose 11% of their body mass during this period. Females keep the babies clean.
Young cotton-top tamarins start to supplement their milk-based diet with solid food at the age of 4 to 7 week. They are ready for the independent life at the age of 15 to 25 weeks. Cotton-top tamarins reach sexual maturity at the age of 2 years.
Cotton-top tamarin can survive 13 years in the wild and up to 24 years in the captivity.

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