Diana monkey Facts

Diana monkey Facts
Diana monkey is a primate that belongs to the group of Old World monkeys. It can be found in West Africa. Diana monkey inhabits primary, mature tropical rainforests. Number of Diana monkeys in the wild is decreasing due to high demand for their meat on the local market, accelerated habitat destruction and civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Diana monkey is listed as vulnerable, which means that it can become endangered in the near future.
Interesting Diana monkey Facts:
Diana monkey can reach 16 to 24 inches in length and 8 to 12 pounds of weight. Males are much larger than females.
Body is covered with short, sleek dark grey or black fur. Diana monkey has crescent-shaped patch of white fur on the forehead and white fur on the beard, cheeks, throat, under the arms and on the thighs.
Name "Diana" originates from the white fur above the brows that looks like a bow of Diana, Roman goddess of hunt.
Diana monkey has slender body, long legs and long tail, shaped like question mark.
Diana monkey is an arboreal animal that spends most of its life on the trees. It rarely descends to the ground.
Diana monkey is diurnal animal (active during the day).
Diana monkey is an omnivore (it eats plants and meat). Its diet is based on fruit and insects. It occasionally consumes flowers, young leaves and invertebrates.
Diana monkey lives in groups (called troops) of 5 to 50 animals. Each group consists of one adult male and large number of females with their offspring.
Life in a group increases the chances for survival. Diana monkeys quickly identify threats and produce various calls to inform other members of the group about upcoming danger. Some other species of monkeys often live close to Diana monkeys because of these beneficial "alarm" calls.
Diana monkey does not construct nests in the trees. It hides high in the treetops during the night to ensure protection against predators.
Natural enemies of Diana monkeys are leopards, chimpanzees and hawk eagles.
Diana monkey keeps the mouth open and bobs its head when it is threatened.
Diana monkeys are able to reproduce all year round. Pregnancy in females lasts 5 months and ends with single baby (infant). Females produce offspring each year. Babies are born with open eyes and they cling to their mothers from the moment of birth. Mothers are very protective and possessive toward their babies while they are small and vulnerable.
Diana monkeys reach sexual maturity at the age of 3 years. Males leave their native groups and join another troop. Females stay in their native groups until the end of their lives. Bond between mother and her daughters is very strong and lasts for a lifetime.
Diana monkey can survive around 20 years in the wild.

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