Galago Facts

Galago Facts
Galago is one of the most unusual and the smallest primates on the planet. This cute creature can be found in various countries in southern Africa. Galago lives in the forests. Other names for galago are bushbaby and the thick-tailed greater galago. There are 3 different species of galago with 8 subspecies in total. They inhabit different regions and differ slightly in appearance. Galago is listed as animal of "least concern". That means that number of galagos in the wild is stable and at the moment, there are no visible threats that could decrease the number of galagos in the future.
Interesting Galago Facts:
Galago is a very small primate. It can reach 10 to 16 inches in length and 2 to 4.5 pounds in weight. Galago has 9 to 13 inches long tail.
Body of galago is covered with thick, wool-like fur. Color of the fur depends on the habitat. It is usually silver gray or brown in color.
Large eyes are one of the most prominent features on the head of galago. They provide excellent night vision because galago is nocturnal (active during the night) animal.
Galago has very large ears with four ridges. Ears can be folded and unfolded when needed. Thanks to these folds, galago can detect even the slightest sound coming from all directions.
Lower incisors and canine teeth look like a comb. They are protruding from the jaw.
Another unique feature typical for galago is presence of a double tongue. Underneath the regular tongue, galago has additional tongue made of cartilage. Second tongue and front teeth play important role in grooming.
Galago spends majority of time on the trees. Soft, disk-like pads on the fingers of the front and hind feet facilitate movement and climbing to the trees.
Galago is an omnivore (eats both plant- and animal-based food). It feeds mainly on insects, but it also consumes sap from the tree and seeds.
Galago can jump up to 6.6 feet in the air thanks to very elastic joints of the lower legs.
Galago vocalizes by producing child-like cries. This is the reason why galago is also known as bush-baby.
Galago lives in small family groups composed of male, female and their offspring. Sometimes, group consists of one male and two females. He mates with both of them.
Mating season takes place once per year and it depends on the geographic region.
Pregnancy in females lasts 110 to 130 days and ends with 2 to 3 babies. Their eyes are half-closed and they depend on their mother completely in the first couple of days of their life.
When babies are just few days old, mother travels with infants in her mouth. Galago becomes sexually mature at the age of 2 years.
Galago can survive up to 18 years in captivity and much shorter in the wild.

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