Koi fish Facts

Koi fish Facts
Koi fish is domesticated version of common carp. This fish is most famous by its beautiful colors that have been created via selective breeding. There are over 20 different varieties of koi fish that differ in color, patterns and type of scales. Koi fish originates from Eastern Asia. This fish lives in fresh waters. Thanks to its beauty and increased popularity in the past century, koi fish can be found in the ponds throughout the world. Since koi fish is numerous and kept in private aquacultures, it is not on the list of endangered species.
Interesting Koi fish Facts:
Koi fish is a large fish. It can reach up to 3 feet in length. Size of the fish depends on the living conditions. Adequate amount of food and oxygen and appropriate temperature are essential for the growth of fish.
Color of the koi fish depends on the variety. They can be white, black, blue, red, cream and yellow in color. Koi fish are covered with different spots.
People in Japan believe that koi fish symbolizes wealth, prosperity, love, successful career and good fortune. Each variety is associated with one of those values.
Koi fish and goldfish have the same ancestor. Although they share similarities in appearance, koi fish can be recognized by barbels on the upper lip.
Koi fish is an omnivore (consumes both plants and animals). It eats different kind of fish and their eggs, lettuce, watermelon and peas.
Koi fish can recognize the person which feeds them and they can be trained to eat from his/her hand.
Koi fish have several predators, such as raccoons, otters, badgers, birds of prey, snakes, cats and dogs.
Koi fish prefers water temperature that ranges from 15 to 25 degrees of Celsius. It doesn't tolerate drastic or rapid changes in temperature.
Koi fish that live in temperate geographic areas hibernate during the winter. It swims to the bottom of the pond (with higher temperature of water) and remains dormant until the weather conditions improve.
Koi fish are sensitive to the sun. They may get sunburns if they live in the ponds that do not provide enough shadow.
Koi fish release ammonia in the water. When large number of koi fish inhabit same pond, level of ammonia can increase rapidly and induce poisoning of fish.
Although life in community can be dangerous, koi fish enjoy company of other koi fish.
During the mating season, female produces thousands of eggs that will be fertilized by male's sperm in the water. Only 50% of fertilized eggs will survive.
Koi fish can mate with goldfish because they are closely related. However, they produce sterile offspring.
Koi fish usually lives between 25 and 30 years. When it is kept under good conditions, koi fish can survive for more than 100 years.

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