Lion Facts

Lion Facts
Lion Lions are one of the largest cats in the world. They live in southern and eastern parts of Africa. Lions are only social cats which live in groups called "prides". Each pride is composed of one or two males and large number of females. Larger prides can consist of around 40 members. Life in a group increases the chance for successful hunt and provides protection of cubs.
Interesting Lion Facts:
Lions are carnivores and they hunt mostly antelopes, zebras and wildebeests. Although lions are larger and stronger, lionesses are in charge for the hunt.
Lions act like scavengers and often attack hyenas and steal their prey.
During one meal, lions can eat up to 40 pounds of meat. After they fill their bellies, lions will snooze more than 20 hours.
Lion back teeth are called carnassals and they work like a pair of scissors. Chopped meat will be swallowed without chewing.
Lions are easily recognized by their manes. Larger and darker mane suggests that lion is very strong and other lions often avoid him. Lionesses react differently - they are attracted by the large and dark manes.
When lion and lioness meet, they greet each other by rubbing. During this process, they exchange scents.
Lioness will give birth to 1-3 cubs each 2 years. Cubs have spots at birth, but they disappear in time.
When lion and tiger mate, new type of animal named liger is created. Liger has stripes like tiger, but the color of its fur is pale compared to tiger's fur.
Lions have retractable claws, which mean that they could "hide" their claws during the play and avoid hurting each other.
Long tail provides balance when lions are running, but it can be also used to signalize various commands to other members of the pride: "come", "I am flirting with you", "go this way"…
Porcupine is one of the worst enemies of lions. Their sharp quills can be stuck in the lion's jaw for the rest of his life.
Until they reach 2 years, lions can't roar. Once they learn how to vocalize, their roars can be heard on the distance of up to 5 miles.
When young males reach maturity, older males will kick them out of the pride. When they wander on their own, young lions are known as nomads. If they manage to survive and gain strength, they will battle with other lions to take over a pride for themselves.
When new lion take over a pride, it kills all cubs that are not his own. In the wild, ¾ of cubs die at young age.
Lions live up to 15 years in the wild, while they can survive 25-30 years in captivity. Number of lions decreased drastically in the past couple of decades. They are one of the well known endangered animal species.

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