Tentacled snake Facts

Tentacled snake Facts
Tentacled snake is a type of aquatic snake that belongs to the colubrid family. This animal inhabits southeastern parts of Asia and it can be found in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Tentacled snake lives in stagnant, shallow waters such as lakes, canals, ponds and slow-flowing streams. Snake hides in the mud during dry periods of the year. It can survive in fresh, brackish and salt water. Tentacled snake is on a target of hunters because of the meat. Luckily, number of tentacle snakes in the wild is still large and stable and they are not on the list of endangered animals.
Interesting Tentacled snake Facts:
Tentacled snake is small animal. It can reach 38 to 39 inches in length and 5 to 7 ounces of weight.
Tentacled snake can be brown, grey or light tan in color. Body is usually covered with blotches, bands or stripes of different length and width.
Tentacled snake has slender body covered with small, keeled scales. Head is shaped like trapezoid and bears two short appendages, called tentacles, in the front section. Tail is long (25% of the body length) and prehensile.
Tentacled snake was discovered in the 19th century. Back then, scientists believed that main purpose of the tentacles was to attract the prey toward the snake.
Tentacles are actually mechanoreceptors that can detect movement of prey. Like the rest of the body, tentacles are also covered in scales.
Tentacled snakes are carnivores (meat-eaters). Their diet consists of different types of fish.
Tentacled snake is an ambush predator. It attaches to the weeds or underwater roots with its tail and waits for the prey to appear. Pre-strike position of the body looks like a letter "J". When fish comes close enough, snake induces movement of the water which "guides" fish directly into the snake's mouth. Snake grabs fish in a blink of an eye.
Tentacled snake is nocturnal creature (active during the night).
Tentacled snake is able to locate and kill the prey in complete darkness (when it is not possible to see the prey).
Tentacled snakes belong to the group of venomous snakes. Fangs filled with venom are located in the back side of the mouth.
Tentacled snake rarely attacks people. Venom is specifically designed for killing of the fish and it is not harmful for humans.
Tentacled snakes spend their entire life in the water. They are helpless on the ground.
Tentacled snake can spend 30 minutes under the water. After that period, it needs to return to the surface of water to refill the lungs with fresh air.
Little is known about reproduction habits of tentacled snakes except that female gives birth to 5 to 13 live baby snakes.
Tentacled snake probably can survive from 10 to 20 years in the wild (like other colubrids).

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