Zebra duiker Facts

Zebra duiker Facts
Zebra duiker is a type of small antelope. It can be found only in the certain parts of West Africa: in the eastern parts of Liberia, on the Ivory Coast and in the Sierra Leone. Zebra duiker prefers a life in dense vegetation of rainforests. Number of zebra duiker declined for 30% compared to original population due to extensive habitat loss and hunt in the last couple of years. Local people hunt zebra duiker because of its meat. These animals are listed as vulnerable. If the current tempo of extinction continues, they will soon become endangered.
Interesting Zebra duiker Facts:
Zebra duiker is a tiny antelope. Females are larger than males. On average, zebra duiker is 33 to 35 inches long and reaches the weight between 20 and 44 pounds.
Zebra duiker is named due to specific coloration of the body. Adult animals are reddish-brown in color. They have 12 to 15 black stripes that stretch from behind the shoulders to the tail. They also have dark markings on muzzles and legs.
Young animals are bluish in color and their stripes are positioned closer. Seven to nine months after birth, young animals will develop same coloration like adult animals.
Both males and females have horns. Males have longer horns than females.
Zebra duiker is herbivore (plant-eating animal). It eats leaves, buds, shoots, grass and fruit that are falling from the trees. Also, zebra duiker eats droppings of other animals.
Zebra duiker is territorial animal. It uses its horns to defend its territory. Evidence of rough fights can be seen on the skin of captured animals (scars).
Zebra duiker is diurnal (active during the day) animal.
Zebra duiker is pretty shy animal that will hide whenever it senses a danger. For that reason, zebra duiker cannot be seen in the wild very often.
Zebra duiker usually lives in pairs composed of sexually mature male and female animals. Through rubbing each other scent gland, they maintain the bond between them and facilitate sexual communication.
Zebra duiker is usually silent, but it may produce grunting sounds during the mating period.
Zebra duiker can mate throughout the whole year. Pregnancy lasts between 221 and 229 days and it ends with a single baby. Female is able to become pregnant immediately after baby is born.
Mother keeps her baby hidden in the dense vegetation during the first couple of weeks (2 to 3) of its life. She visits the baby four times a day to provide it with milk.
Baby depends on the mother's milk during the first three months of its life.
Young zebra duikers reach sexual maturity at the age of two years.
Average lifespan of zebra duiker in captivity is between 11 and 13 years.

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