Charlie Chaplin Facts

Charlie Chaplin Facts
Charlie Chaplin was an English comedian, filmmaker, and silent film actor, most famous for his on screen character 'the Tramp'. He was born Charles Spencer Chaplin on April 16th, 1889, in London, England, to Hannah Chaplin and Charles Chaplin, Sr. Both of Charlie's parents were music hall entertainers. Charlie grew up in poverty, and began working in a workhouse when he was only seven years old because his mother had very little income and his father provided nothing after leaving in 1891. By the age of 14 Charlie had his first role in a play, marking the beginning of his career as an actor and in 1913 he signed a contract with Keystone Studios to appear in film.
Interesting Charlie Chaplin Facts:
Charlie started working with a dancing troupe called the Eight Lancashire Lads in 1897.
Charlie Chaplin's older brother Sydney also became an actor.
When Charlie's mother was institutionalized in 1898 Charlie and his older brother went to live with Charles Sr., who died two years later from alcoholism.
While trying to become an actor Charlie Chaplin also worked a variety of jobs to survive including being a newspaper vendor, doctor's boy, toymaker, and printer.
Charlie Chaplin's first role in a play was as a newspaper boy in Jim, a Romance of Cockayne, which opened in 1903.
Charlie Chaplin's next role in a play was as Billy, a pageboy, in Sherlock Holmes.
In 1906 Charlie Chaplin joined Casey's Circus, a juvenile act that lasted until 1907 when Charlie was 18 years old. He had already become known for his comedic style.
Charlie Chaplin's older brother Sydney helped him become part of Fred Carno's comedy company in 1908. By 1909 Charlie was in starring roles because of his ability and popularity.
Charlie Chaplin was sent to North America to tour the vaudeville circuit with other members of Fred Carno's comedy company. The tour ended in 1912.
In 1914 Charlie Chaplin was again sent to North America with the Fred Carno's company.
Six months after arriving in North America on the second tour Charlie Chaplin signed a contract to become a film actor.
Charlie Chaplin's first film was called Making a Living, which was released on February 2nd, 1914.
Charlie Chaplin soon created his famous character 'the Tramp' and appeared in the silent films Kid Auto Races at Venice, and Mabel's Strange Predicament.
The Tramp was characterized by a small moustache, a black hat, a tight coat, and baggy pants.
Charlie Chaplin's success grew and he was allowed to star in and direct Caught in the Rain in 1914.
Charlie Chaplin created approximately one short silent film each week in 1914 after the success of Caught in the Rain.
In December 1914 Charlie Chaplin signed a contract at a new studio for more money.
At the age of 26 Charlie Chaplin's success allowed him to earn a salary of $670,000 a year.
Charlie Chaplin's success in film lasted for several years, but in the 1950s he was attacked by right wing conservatives for moral reasons and left the United States.
In 1972 Charlie Chaplin received an honorary Academy Award.
The only color film Charlie Chaplin ever made was the 1967 film A Countess from Hong Kong.
Charlie Chaplin died on December 25th, 1977 at the age of 88.

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