Anne Frank Facts

Anne Frank Facts
Anne Frank is one of the most well-known Jewish Holocaust victims, who became famous after her death when her wartime diary was published. Anne Frank was born on June 12th, 1929 in Frankfurt, Weimar Germany to Otto Frank and Edith Frank. Anne was the youngest of two sisters. Anne's family emigrated to the Netherlands when Anne was four, in 1933, due to the increasing danger in Germany for Jewish people due to Hitler's leadership. On May 10th, 1940 after the outbreak of World War II, Germany invaded the Netherlands. The Franks went into hiding when Margot, Anne's older sister was called to a German work camp. In hiding Anne Frank began writing in her diary, the diary that would later be published as The Diary of Anne Frank.
Interesting Anne Frank Facts:
While in hiding Anne's family could not go outside. They lived in an annex with eight people in total. They lived in constant fear of what would happen if they were discovered.
Anne started writing her diary on her thirteenth birthday. She had a hiding place where she would go to write in private.
While in hiding Anne also wrote short stories. She also collected quotes from other writers in her notebook.
Anne started to rewriting her diary in hopes that it would be published someday, after the end of the war. She had dreams of becoming a journalist.
Anne wrote about her thoughts, and about life, in her diary.
When Anne was 15 years old, the Secret Annex where they had been hiding was discovered. It is believed that someone betrayed them.
All those in the Secret Annex were arrested. All were sent to the Westerbork transit camp.
From the Westerbork transit camp the prisoners were sent to Auschwitz, a concentration camp.
Anne was sent to the same barracks as her sister and her mother.
Anne was sent with her sister to Bergen-Belsen. Anne died at Bergen-Belsen on March, 1945. She was only 15 years old. It is believed she died of typhoid.
Everyone arrested in the Secret Annex died in the concentration camps, except for Anne's father Otto.
Otto returned to Amsterdam to the Secret Annex after the war only to discover that everyone else died in the concentration camps. Anne's diaries are given to Otto.
Anne's father Otto dedicated the rest of his life working for human rights.
Anne's diary was published, in 1947, as she had hoped, and Otto received thousands of letters from people who had read the book.
Anne Frank's diary was translated into other languages and it was adapted to both the theatre and to film.
The address where Anne Frank and her family and the four people hid was Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Anne Frank's diary has been translated into 67 languages. There have been more than 30 million copies sold.
The house called the Secret Annex, where Anne Frank hid is now known as the Anne Frank House, and it is a museum where people can go and see the actual house she lived in while in hiding.
Approximately one million people go to the Anne Frank House each year.

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