D. H. Lawrence Facts

D. H. Lawrence Facts
D. H. Lawrence (David Herbert Richards Lawrence), the author best known for his novel Lady Chatterley's Lover, was born on September 11th, 1885 in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England. His father was Arthur John Lawrence, a miner, and Lydia, who worked in a lace factory. D.H. Lawrence grew up in the coal mining town where he was born. He was an excellent student and won a scholarship to Nottingham High School. He worked briefly as a junior clerk, but pneumonia cut his career short. His love of reading helped him make friends while he recovered, and later earned a teaching certificate. In 1907 he won a short story competition, and his writing career began.
Interesting D. H. Lawrence Facts:
After winning the writing competition D. H. Lawrence moved to London and kept writing. Requests for his writing gave him the encouragement to continue.
D.H. Lawrence's first book The White Peacock was published in 1910.
Shortly after his first novel was published D.H. Lawrence's mother died, devastating him.
His second novel was The Trespasser, published in 1912.
D. H. Lawrence proposed to Louie Burrows, an old college friend. Soon after he met his old professor's wife Frieda von Richthofen and fell in love with her.
D. H. Lawrence ended his engagement and convinced Frieda to run away with him. They traveled to Germany and then to Italy and he continued to write.
D. H. Lawrence's first play The Daughter-in-Law was published in 1912.
In 1913 D. H. Lawrence published Love Poems and Others, a book of poetry.
D. H. Lawrence and Frieda married on July 13th, 1914.
His next book The Prussian was a short story collection.
In 1915 D.H. Lawrence's book The Rainbow was published but was condemned for its sexual content.
With World War I, D.H. Lawrence and his German wife were banished from Cornwall and they traveled continuously, staying with friends. During this time he published four more poetry books including Amores, Look! We Have Come Through!, New Poems, and Bay: A Book of Poems.
In 1920, in Italy, D.H. Lawrence published Women in Love, and in 1922 a book of short stories titled My England and other Stories was published.
D.H. Lawrence traveled to America in 1922, and wrote Studies in Classic American Literature.
D. H. Lawrence wrote Boy in the Bush (1924), St. Mawr (1925), and The Plumed Serpent (1926) while in the United States, on a ranch in New Mexico.
He went back to Italy in 1927 after developing tuberculosis. There he wrote Lady Chatterley's Lover. It was published in Italy in 1928, but it was banned in the United States until 1958 due to its graphic sexual content. It was banned in England until 1960, until a jury ruled in favor of Penguin Books.
D.H. Lawrence died in Venice, Italy at the age of 44, on March 2nd, 1930.
Although he had been considered a crude writer during his lifetime, his works have become well-regarded and he is now considered to be one of the 20th century's greatest modernist writers.
D.H. Lawrence was once quoted as saying, "If there weren't so many lies in the world....I wouldn't write at all."

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