Dav Pilkey Facts

Dav Pilkey Facts
Dav Pilkey is an American children's writer and illustrator best known for his Captain Underpants book series. He was born David Murray Pilkey Jr. on March 4th, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio, to David and Barbara Pilkey. He attended elementary school in Elyria, Ohio, where he was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. Because he was often reprimanded for his behavior he spent a lot of time at a hallway desk. This is where his Captain Underpants character was created. As a student he entered his first book titled World War Won in a national contest and won. Part of the prize was having his book published, in 1987. His career had begun.
Interesting Dav Pilkey Facts:
Dav Pilkey has one sibling, an older sister named Cindy.
He changed the spelling of his name while working at Pizza Hut, when his name was misspelled as Dav on his nametag, and the rest was history...
Dav Pilkey was educated at Kent State University.
When Dav Pilkey moved to Washington, he met his future wife Sayuri. She was the owner of Dav's favorite Japanese restaurant and she was also a professional musician. They married in 2005.
Although Dav Pilkey is an author and illustrator he has worked on books as one or the other. He has illustrated books authored by other writers including Don't Pop Your Cork on Mondays (1988), The Place Nobody Stopped (1991), and Julius (1993).
Dav Pillkey has written books under pennames including George Beard, Harold Hutchins, and Sue Denim.
Following the publication of his first book World War Won in 1987, Dav Pilkey has gone on to write many children's books, many of them in series.
Dav Pilkey has written several books in his Dragon series including A Friend for Dragon (1991), Dragon Gets By (1991), Dragon's Merry Christmas (1991), Dragon's Fat Cat (1992), and Dragon's Halloween (1993).
Dav Pilkey's Dumb Bunnies book series includes The Dumb Bunnies (1994), The Dumb Bunnies' Easter (1995), Make Way for Dumb Bunnies (1996), and The Dumb Bunnies Go to the Zoo (1997).
Dav Pilkey's most popular series Captain Underpants, which began with The Adventures of Captain Underpants in 1997, will include 14 books as of August 2015 when Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot.
The Captain Underpants series also has several spin-off graphic novels including The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby (2002), The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future (2010), and Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers (2011).
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot is another Dav Pilkey series for children which began with the book Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot, and continued with several titles in which Ricky Ricotta battles evil villains including Dr. Stinky McNasty, Mr. Mosquito, Victor von Vulture, Major Monkey, Uncle Unicorn, Nimrod Night Crawler, Sergeant Stinkbug, and General Jackrabbit.
Dav Pilkey is the author of the Big Dog & Little Dog series for children.
Dav Pilkey has won many awards including the 1997 Caldecott Honor Award for The Paperboy; the 1998 California Young Reader Medal for Dog Breath!: The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis; and the 2007 Disney Adventure Kids' Choice Awards for his Captain Underpants series.

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