Franz Kafka Facts

Franz Kafka Facts
Franz Kafka was a German-speaking Jewish writer best known for his works Die Verwandlung (The Metamorphosis) and Das Schloss (The Castle). He was born Franz Kafka on July 3rd, 1883, in Prague, in which is now Czech Republic but at the time was Austria-Hungary. Franz' father was Hermann, a retailer of fancy goods, and his mother Julie was a homemaker. Franz had two younger brothers (who died as babies) and three sisters. Franz had an interest in writing and literature and attended University in Prague, studying law so that he could also study German and art history. He graduated with a Degree of Doctor of Law in 1906.
Interesting Franz Kafka Facts:
After graduation from law school Franz worked in an unpaid position for a year, which was customary. He worked as a law clerk in an apprenticeship-type position.
After his unpaid year, Franz found a job at an Italian insurance agency but stayed less than a year because it allowed him no time to write.
Franz Kafka began a job at the Worker's Accident Insurance Institute and stayed at that job until 1917. He became ill with tuberculosis and was forced to take sick leave.
Because of his tuberculosis Franz retired in 1922.
Franz Kafka was engaged twice to the same woman, Felice Bauer. They never married.
Even before becoming ill with tuberculosis Franz had suffered from health issues including depression, migraines, insomnia and anxiety.
Although Franz Kafka wrote a lot during his lifetime, only a small amount of his writing was published while he was alive.
Franz Kafka's most popular short story (and his bestselling short story) was titled The Metamorphosis and was published in 1912.
In 1913 Franz Kafka's collection of short stories titled Mediation was published.
In 1914 Franz Kafka's short story Before the Law was published.
Franz Kafka wrote three novels, all of which were published after his death. He wrote Amerika in 1912. It was published in 1927. He wrote The Trial in 1914 and it was published in 1925. He also wrote The Castle in 1922 and it was published in 1926.
Many of Franz Kafka's works were published after Franz' death, by Max Brod, a good friend of Franz. Franz Kafka had asked Max to destroy his writing after he died but Max ignored him and published his work anyway.
When Franz Kafka died only a small number of readers knew who he was. His writing went on to influence German literature and became very popular during World War II.
Kafka wrote about faceless organizations in his work, as well as mysterious authority and dominating bureaucracy. Because of Kafka's writing a new term was coined called "Kafkaesque".
In 1988 Franz Kafka's handwritten manuscript of The Trial sold for $1.98 million.
Franz Kafka died near Vienna on June 3rd, 1924. The cause of death was noted as starvation, because the pain in his throat made it impossible for him to eat. parenteral nutrition did not yet exist.
Franz Kafka did not marry, and had no known children.

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