Jackie Collins Facts

Jackie Collins Facts
Jackie Collins is an English novelist whose books frequently become bestsellers, and are often adapted into mini-series and movies. Jackie Collins was born Jacqueline Jill Collins on October 4th, 1937 in Hampstead, London, England. Her parents were Joseph William Collins, a theatrical agent, and Elsa Bessant. Jackie was the middle child, with a younger brother Bill and older sister Joan Collins, a famous actress. Jackie attended Francis Holland School in London until she was expelled at 15. She became a stage singer and was an actress in British B-movies in the 1950s. She acted for TV in the 1960s and then quit that business. In 1968 Jackie Collins' first novel The World is Full of Married Men was published.
Interesting Jackie Collins Facts:
Australia and South Africa puts bans on Jackie Collins' first novel The World is Full of Married Men due to its content. In the United States and in the U.K. sales soared because of the publicity.
Jackie Collins' second novel The Stud was published in 1969 and it made the bestseller lists.
Sunday Simmons & Charlie Brick was Jackie Collins' third published novel. It was published in 1971 and became a bestseller just as the first two novels had.
In 1974 Jackie Collins' novel Lovehead was published. It delved into the subject of organized crime.
The first movie to be adapted from one of Jackie's books was The Stud. She co-wrote the screenplay for the movie which was released in 1978. Jackie's sister Joan starred in the movie.
In 1979 the movie adaptation of The World is Full of Married Men was released. Jackie wrote the screenplay for the movie.
Hollywood Wives would become Jackie Collins' most successful novel to date, in 1983. It sold more than 15 million copies and made her almost as famous as her sister Joan, who had become a successful actress and famous Hollywood celebrity.
Jackie Collins had a talk show for a brief time in 1998 called Jackie Collins' Hollywood. After it went off the air she returned to writing and published Thrill, in the same year.
In the 2000s Jackie wrote eight bestselling novels including Lethal Seduction (2000), Hollywood Wives: The New Generation (2001), Deadly Embrace (2002), Hollywood Divorces (2003), Lovers & Players (2006), Drop Dead Beautiful (2007), Married Lovers (2008), and Poor Little B*!?! Girl (2009).
Jackie Collins' continues to write bestsellers, and she has published more than 29 novels. She wrote a play titled Jackie Collins' Hollywood Lies, and a book called The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook. Lucky Santangelo is the name of one of her book series' characters.
Jackie Collins married Wallace Austin in 1960, and had a daughter Tracey in 1961. Their marriage lasted four years.
Jackie Collins married Oscar Lerman in 1965. They had two children together - Tiffany and Rory. Oscar died in 1992 from cancer.
Jackie became engaged in 1994 to a businessman who died of a brain tumor in 1998. They did not get married before he died.
Jackie Collins lives in Beverly Hills. It is estimated that she has more than $96 million in her personal fortune.

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