Patricia Cornwell Facts

Patricia Cornwell Facts
Patricia Cornwell is an American crime writer best known for her novels featuring a medical examiner named Dr. Kay Scarpetta. She was born Patricia Carroll Daniels on June 9th, 1956 in Miami, Florida, to Sam Daniels, an appellate lawyer, and Marilyn Daniels. She had two brothers named Jim and John. In 1961 Patricia's father walked out. Patricia and her brothers were entered into foster care when her mother was hospitalized for depression. Patricia went on to attend King College and then Davidson College, where she earned her B.A. in English. Patricia began working for The Charlotte Observer in 1979, and before long she was covering crime for the paper.
Interesting Patricia Cornwell Facts:
Patricia Cornwell's first published book was a biography titled A Time for Remembering. She wrote it about a friend of the family named Ruth Bell Graham, and it was published in 1983. The book was later published as Ruth, A Portrait: The Story of Ruth Bell Graham.
Patricia Cornwell took a job with Virginia's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in 1984. She began as technical writer and during her six years there she went on to work as a computer analyst.
In 1990 Patricia Cornwell's novel Postmortem was published. This was the first of her Kay Scarpetta series.
Patricia Cornwell continued to write books in the Scarpetta series including Body of Evidence (1991), All That Remains (1992), Cruel and Unusual (1993), The Body Farm (1994), From Potter's Field (1995), Cause of Death (1996), Unnatural Exposure (1997), Point of Origin (1998), Black Notice (1999), The Last Precinct (2000), Blow Fly (2003), Trace (2004), Predator (2005), Book of the Dead (2007), Scarpetta (2008), The Scarpetta Factor (2009), Port Mortuary (2010), Red Mist (2011), The Bone Bed (2012), Dust (2013), and Flesh and Blood (2014).
Patricia Cornwell wrote a children's book titled Life's Little Fable that was published in 1999.
Patricia Cornwell has written several non-fiction books including Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper - Case Closed in 2002. Patricia Cornwell believes that Walter Sickert, a painter, was in fact Jack the Ripper.
Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta series is believed to have influenced TV shows such as Cold Case Files, and the CSI series.
Patricia Cornwell wrote three books in the Andy Brazil/Judy Hammer series.
Patricia Cornwell made a cameo appearance on the episode of TV show Criminal Minds titled "True Genius".
Patricia Cornwell won a lawsuit against a firm in New York for mismanaging her money. She was awarded more than $50 million in damages.
Patricia Cornwell married Charles Cornwell in 1979, and they divorced in 1989. In 2005 she married Staci Gruber.
Patricia Cornwell's books have sold more than 100 million copies. Her books have been translated into 36 languages.
Patricia Cornwell has written 26 bestsellers to date.
Patricia Cornwell has won many awards for her writing including the Edgar Award, the John Creasey Memorial Award, the Macavity Award, the Prix du Roman d'Adventures, the Gold Dagger, and the RBA International Thriller Prize.
Patricia Cornwell's net worth is estimated to be $15 million.

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